August 28-30th, 2020

Pullman San Francisco Bay Hotel
223 Twin Dolphin Dr
Redwood City, CA 94065

Dear Sponsors, Vendors, Showgoers and Friends, We’ve postponed writing this message for a time to allow for advances in the fight against Covid19 to have an impact on the many controlling factors that govern the operation of a pen show (convention) to take place. To name them all would be a very long list but key among them are the City of Redwood City, the County of San Mateo, the State of California and the Centers for disease Control. We must make our decisions for Late August based on what we see before us today in order to permit those with travel plans from all over the world to have time to adjust. In general, the current rules and conditions for meetings that would include the San Francisco International Pen Show are such that the normal format of our pen show cannot be expected to take place. Especially with the more intimate interactions needed to conduct the process of showing, holding and testing pens and inks at a pen show, social distancing, face mask requirements, and sanitizing of everyone and everything to be handled and to enforce compliance with same are key elements in our decision. We explored the idea of postponing to January, but at the present time, no one can safely predict that that date will be any better. In short, The San Francisco International Pen Show “The Fun Pen Show” simply would not be much fun this year. Consequently, we are cancelling the show for 2020 and we look forward to seeing everyone safe happy and healthy in 2021. We will be sending another message to our paid Sponsors, Vendors and Pass holders about how this affects them.