2024 Table Pricing

Main Ballroom

Interior Table $225

Wall Table $275

Hickory/Hawethorne or Poplar Room           
Wall Table $225

The first table includes two dealer badges.  For dealers taking more than one table, each additional table will come with an additional dealer badge up to a maximum of four total.  If more dealer passes are needed, please contact us.  The tables are 72″ by 24″. Electrical power is only available for wall tables. 

We are limiting non-sponsors to a maximum of three tables. Priority for table assignments will be given to show sponsors. Special need cases for more tables than three will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The show will continue to accept special requests for table location preferences. However, the show makes no guarantee we can honor all requests. The show will make table assignments in the best interest of the show overall.

Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in tables. Space is very limited and demand very high.

Dealer FAQ

Why is power only available on wall tables?  The hotel chain contracted out all A/V to another company.  This company handles all power connections.  The cost for running power to the middle of the room became too expensive for the show to bear. 

Why have I not received my badges in the mail?  We do not send out badges ahead of time.  A packet will be available at the show with the badges.  Typically, the packets will be available late Thursday afternoon.