This is a FAQ for attendee questions

How can I pre-register for the show?  The show only accepts preregistration for all-access passes.  For General Admission, you can pay at the show when you arrive.  For All Access passes, you can use the PayPal link here.

How come I did not receive any passes in the mail? We do not send out physical badges ahead of time.  Upon, registration and receipt of payment, your name is added to the list.  When you arrive at the show, your badge(s) will be awaiting you at the registration desk.

Do I have to pay for parking?  The hotel has a paid lot.  The show has negotiated a reduced price for parking.  To obtain the show rate, go to the registration desk and ask for a parking voucher.  You run the voucher after the parking ticket in the machine for the reduced rate.

When can I get into the show?  For General Admission passes, the show opens at 1:00 pm on Friday and 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.  Access to the show before the General Admission times require an All Access pass or a dealer pass. 

When does the show close?  The show is divided into three areas.  The main ballroom closes at 5 pm on each day.  Usually, it is a slow close to allow last minute business to be concluded.  The Grand Salon is open until 8 pm.  The Foyer also closes officially at 5 pm but vendors may choose to continue doing business as late as they wish. 

What is the difference between a class and a seminar?  For the SF Pen Show, we use the term class to describe a paid tuition class.  Seminars are similar but are free to all attendees.

How can I get on the wait lists for nib work?  Each nib meister has their policy on how they handle their work queue.  The show has no influence or say on this.  In a rare case, the show will help a nib meister administer their wait list but the policy is set by the nib meister.  If the show helps with the sign-ups, the show will not alter the policy or show any favoritism (i.e. don’t ask to be bumped up because you know the show organizers).  It is recommended that you contact the nib meisters ahead of the show to ask about their policy.  Some have online pre-registration that starts weeks ahead of the show.